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MicroLite - the next generation of chromakey solutions

Friday, 7th March 2008

Broadcast standard technology from high street cameras

LEADING UK chromakey technology developer Reflecmedia is due to launch one of the market's most exciting products of the year.

MicroLite and Deskshoot Lite bring Reflecmedia's revolutionary Chromatte and LiteRing technology out of the studio and away from professional set-ups to provide a truly portable, entry level system which fits on high street digital stills and DV cameras.

MicroLite is a lightweight adjustable cradle which allows Reflecmedia's ground-breaking LiteRing to be attached simply and quickly to small DV palmcorders and compact digital cameras without need for further lens adaptors.

And with the further development of Reflecmedia's reflective fabric Chromatte, which does away with the need for green screens, to make it lighter and smaller to pack, MicroLite teams up with either a 2.5 x 2.5m (8ft x 8ft) Chromatte Deskshoot Lite or a 1.4m x 1m (4ft x 3ft) ChromaFlex EL pop-up screen to provide the full kit needed to provide a chromakey environment.

And at a Lite-weight price of £599 for a MicroLite and Deskshoot Lite bundle, it's bringing chromakey technology to a much broader market.

Operations Director John Herbert said: “These products will see a transformation in chromakey use. We've designed the bundles to be effective and portable while providing an affordable solution for school, churches, small businesses and videographers as well as stills photographers wanting to use chromakey.

“MicroLite and Deskshoot Lite will be launched at NAB in April and we are looking forward to demonstrating just how much we are able to extend to field of chromakey into new areas.”

MicroLite comes complete with an integrated mini controller to adjust the intensity of the LiteRing, and a universal power supply. The cradle is easy to use and adjust to fit most high street digital cameras.

Deskshoot Lite and ChromaFlex EL backgrounds are made from the same Chromatte fabric as Reflecmedia's other highly acclaimed broadcast range of products so gives the user the same advantages of ease of use, speed of set up and reliability.

John said: “It's exciting to bring this high end technology to an entirely new range of users, as well as current markets looking for light and portable chromakey solutions.”

All Reflecmedia products are compatible with normal chromakey software and workflows.

Issued by: John Herbert
Operations Director
Road One Winsford Industrial Estate
Cheshire CW7 3QQ

Contact details: 01606 593911

Notes to Editors


Reflecmedia, based in Cheshire, is a leading edge innovator of cutting edge chroma key technology and constantly strives to bring new, exciting and highly functional techniques and equipment within the reach of everyone involved in film, TV and video production.

Among its best known products are:

• Chromatte
• ChromaFlex and EL
• Basematte
• LiteRing

all of which are used widely throughout the broadcast, corporate and educational arenas.

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