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Big Picture Learning using Chroma Key

Key Stages 3 and 4 plus PHSE. At the BETT show young visitors from King Harold School rapidly and fully engaged in learning using skills through new technology. The curriculum areas covered included developing successful learners, confident individuals and becoming a responsible citizen

Setup/Kit List

• Chromaflex portable screen
• LiteRing controller and power supply
• Basematte floor tile
• Ultimatte DV hardware keyer
• Iztac low energy soft light on stand
It took year 9 and 10 students just 15 minutes to master Reflecmedia’s Chromakey kit before creating and editing their own movies and setting them up as pod casts on the Digital Teacher Network

"'Brilliant' 'great fun' 'real' and 'why can't we use this everyday?' were just some of the responses from enthusiastic youngsters."

Big Picture Learning using Chroma Key Image 1Big Picture Learning using Chroma Key Image 1

Main Features

• The ease and effectiveness of Chroma Key gave all students a sense of achievement as they mastered new technological skills
• Development of their own short films, plus editing, led to a genuine sense of achievement
• Quick, high quality results ensured students were fully engaged and interested in learning new skills.

Use of Reflecmedia technologies provide a ‘holistic’ approach to learning. Not only can it be incorporated within all elements of the curriculum, the engaging and entertaining side of using it builds the softer skills of confidence, teamwork and contribution through achievement.

"All students wanted to continue to use this technology so the school is now developing this technology to use within the day-to-day curriculum. It's giving our students a real sense of achievment and is encouraging greater participation and contributions to work."

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