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Steve Atterton of Dream Photos uses a Chromaflex set-up

Steve Atterton is a photographer and illustrator with over 25 years
experience specialising in event, children, occasion and pet photography
and producing creative still images for clients throughout America.

Chromatic Distribution, Inc. (Distributor), 2727 W. Marine View Drive, Everett, Washington, WA 98201, United States

Contact: Guy Cochran ((360) 653-9591)

Setup/Kit List

RM2121 Chromaflex Standard Bundle

Brief Description

Steve's aim has been to create a commercial mobile studio that combines
the latest technology with the demand for innovative educational, entertainment, corporate and social applications. The studio itself is
completely self-contained, easy to transport and quick to set up in different locations. Photographs can be taken and combined with an infinite numbers of effects and backgrounds, with the flexibility, quality and fast turnaround that make it ideal for a huge range of events, from a day in a school to part of the entertainment for a social event. The interest generated in the commercial advantages has meant that Steve has now started franchising the system.

Steve Atterton of Dream Photos uses a Chromaflex set-up Image 1Steve Atterton of Dream Photos uses a Chromaflex set-up Image 1

Main Features

“We have taken Reflecmedia's Chromatte technology and applied it to our application. We use only the highest resolution in our computerized imaging devices so the client can enjoy original artwork from wallet size to 8'x12' prints. Then, with custom designed illustrations, our subjects become part of the image - or as we like to think, “part of the magic”.
“This is the most fun I've had in years. Having created a system that allows me to work on location with parents and their children, this gives me the opportunity to use today's technology and our imagination to create scenes that have not been available before. My inspiration stems from seeing the awe and wonder in a child's eyes as they see themselves become part of a magical image. It's not magic, but it certainly feels and
looks magical!”.

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