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Singapore Sands Photography Booth

Singapore-based digital content systems integrator AV8 Media -
Reflecmedia's representative in SE Asia – and the new Marina Bay Sands
Hotel put together an innovative photography project that combines learning
and business enterprise. AV8 Media provided all the equipment used by the
Republic Polytechnic students and brought the project to the attention of the
Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Reflecmedia SEA, Blk 261, Waterloo Street #04-28, Singapore, 180261, Singapore

Contact: Himanshu Shah (+65 63391321)

Setup/Kit List

RM7221 Chromaflex All-in-One Bundle

Brief Description

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is Singapore's highest tourist attraction. For their
final-year interactive and digital media assignment, four Republic
Polytechnic students created a project that allows visitors to MBS to take
photos without physically being on the Sky Park. The project, which started
in May 2010 and took eight weeks to complete, was originally intended to
have been a temporary setup. However, MBS was so impressed that it has
now been made a permanent fixture and now each day, more than 100
pictures from the photo booth are sold for $25 a time by the hotel.

"Thousands of guests have enjoyed the photo service and are able to take home sweet memories of their experiences on the Sands Sky Park"

commented a MBS spokesperson

Singapore Sands Photography Booth Image 1Singapore Sands Photography Booth Image 1

Main Features

The photo booth uses a Chromaflex All-in-One kit. Pictures shot are superimposed onto images depicting the Sky Park, MBS and its surroundings. Visitors can also pose for creative shots - for instance, shots that make them look like Superman flying through the clouds. Guests who do not want to go up to the Sky Park can have their pictures shot at a similar photo booth on the ground floor of the hotel. The students put together the software, wireless network, network-attached storage system and printer that enables the photo booth operator to edit, transmit and print the photos.

1. Subject poses against background and photo is taken.
2. Image is wirelessly transmitted to an editing system.
3. Trained staff member uses software to replace background and optimise the image.
4. Client previews the image.
5. A high quality print is obtained.

From taking the picture to getting a print, the time taken is about 1 minute.
Spare pieces of material can be used creatively to make parts of the subject 'disappear'. The software can also be used to resize the subjects, making them appear much larger or smaller.

Photo background templates can also be created and props used to customise the experience.

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