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Aspect Pictures using Chromaflex

Aspect Pictures is a leading production studio specialising in corporate and
educational photography and video for a wide range of public and private
sector clients. Whether in the studio or on location, Aspect is always keen
to use the latest technologically advanced techniques.image 1

Setup/Kit List

RM7221 Chromaflex All-in-One Bundle

Brief Description

The client's requirement was for effective marketing images for their
products, without the expense and time associated with location
photography or complex post-production work.

""We've been using the Chromaflex with either green or blue LiteRings in our video projects for several years with fantastic results. The ease, speed and effective results achieved by using Reflecmedia's products are now also proving very useful in some of"

Dave Stranaghan

Aspect Pictures using Chromaflex Image 1Aspect Pictures using Chromaflex Image 1

Main Features

Aspect's studio features a Chromaflex as its backdrop. With the product bottle in place it was lit as required. The LiteRing was attached to a Canon 5D and the images were captured directly to an Apple Mac, which were quickly and very easily imported into FX Home PhotoKey software, producing an almost instant result for the client to approve. This was then placed, cropped and masked to achieve the best results.

Sauvignon wine and glass shot information:

• Exposure manual
• Shutter speed 2.5 secs
• Aperture F22
• ISO 100
• Camera & lens Canon EOS5 EF24-105
• Focal length 80mm

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