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All-in-One Studio Bundles

Reflecmedia has combined some of its essential products to offer a simple and effective all-in-one studio bundle solution. Equally at home on the road and in a small studio or classroom, these bundles give you all the items needed to create a chroma key studio anywhere.All-in-One Studio Bundles Image 1 It is an easy, portable and cost effective solution for schools, small production houses, corporate, iptv, videographers and photographers everywhere.All-in-One Studio Bundles Image 2


Each bundle has been specifically designed to be easy to operate and small enough to take anywhere to create full body shots, wherever you are. They all have the required Chromatte background and LiteRing kit with support stands plus two foreground and backlights for lighting your subject.



 There are three bundles available:

 All-in-One Studio Bundles Image 3