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 Adapters Image

The Matte Box Rails Adapter

Designed for cameramen who use matte box rails, Reflecmedia offers an attachment solution for its medium and large LiteRings. The medium adapter provides a solution to mount the medium LiteRing to both 15mm and 19mm matte box rails; the large adapter attaches the large Litering to 19mm rails only. The lightweight black anodised aluminium adapter provides the operator with a quick and accurate alignment of the LiteRing and lens.

Adapters Image 2

The Push-On Adapter Kit

Specifically designed for lenses without a filter thread, the kit consists of an anodised aluminium adapter machined to provide the attachment for a medium LiteRing and a custom machined insert specifically designed to couple the adapter to the lens barrel. Adapters Image 3

The inserts can quickly be interchanged to accommodate lenses with different barrel diameters. The push-on adapter kit is supplied with one adapter for the lens barrel diameter specified. Other adapters are available to special order.