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Reflecmedia Launches New Dual LiteRing and Controller

Thursday, 5th July 2012

Reflecmedia is very pleased to announce the launch and shipping of the new dual LiteRing and controller. These feature packed products are sure to please the many who have been asking for a quality dual colour LiteRing for their chroma key productions.

The new controller has been completely redesigned with new functions and the bonus of it being multi powered. Reflecmedia Launches New Dual LiteRing and Controller Image 4The power can be provided by either the supplied worldwide mains adapter or by a Sony type camera battery (not supplied) which can be mounted to the battery plate, inbuilt on the controller. Reflecmedia Launches New Dual LiteRing and Controller Image 1It also features an LCD display screen (giving intensity and power readings), a toggle for switching between colours, up and down push buttons and the ability to add Velcro belt loops for added portability.

The new LiteRing has also been completely redesigned giving a whole new dimension to working with Reflecmedia products. The LiteRing features new LED technology in both blue and green giving optimum and even spread across any size of Chromatte screen.Reflecmedia Launches New Dual LiteRing and Controller Image 2 There is also a diffuser which helps with the spread of light but also reduces the brightness of the LED's when being viewed by the subject, giving a much more comfortable experience to people who are new to the technology. The LiteRing attaches to the camera by way of the existing range of filter thread adapters, clasp adapters or Matte Box rail adapters.

'These products really mark a step forward in the technology', states Reflecmedia CEO Paul Holdcroft. 'We have always tried to revolutionise the chroma key market place and the amount of time and research we have put in has produced an upgrade that will benefit users for years to come.'

The Dual LiteRing and Controller are shipping now.Reflecmedia Launches New Dual LiteRing and Controller Image 3

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