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About Reflecmedia


We are the UK's leading innovator of cutting edge chroma key technology. From our manufacturing base in Cheshire we supply a global network of resellers and distributors, bringing industry-leading products within the reach of everyone involved with film, TV and video production, photography and digital content creation.  Image 1

Chroma key – commonly referred to as blue screen or green screen – is the technique for combining two images, in which the coloured background from one image is removed (or made transparent) to reveal another image behind it. Used for decades in feature film, video and television production, the process remained largely unchanged until we launched our Chromatte cloth and Litering in 2002, followed by the ChromaFlex, Chromaflex EL and BaseMatte.
These innovative, portable and easy to use products mean that almost any location can be used, with minimal lighting and technical support, as a virtual studio at a fraction of the costs associated with a professional studio - with endless creative possibilities for digital content creation.

Our skilled team of qualified and experienced production professionals understand the industry inside out, from DV production and processes to the retro-reflective science that lies behind the core products. This insight is integral to our philosophy of continuous product development driven by evolving customer needs, because we're committed to designing products that add real value by being better than any alternatives.

Beyond chroma key, we have a programme of exciting new products awaiting release that fit our ethos, which have been developed to complement existing lines and diversify into others areas of production. With products like MoViSet, for the creation and playout of broadcast quality virtual sets, we continue to strive to push the boundaries of content creation. By changing the art of chroma key, we make it possible to create your world, your way.


Award for Innovation in Media from America's National Association of Broadcasters.