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Product Bundles

In order for you to purchase the solution best suited to your workflow, all our products are available for you to purchase individually. However, we have also created several product bundles that include all the items you will require for a typical chroma key setup. All product bundles represent a cost saving over buying the components separately.

A typical basic product bundle will include:
A Chromatte curtain or Chromaflex popup.
A Litering kit including Litering, controller and power supply plus a filter thread adapter specific to your camera or lens.

Enhanced Product Bundles are also available containing additional components tailored to your workflow, again with savings over the purchase of the individual items.


RM1121            NEW Wideshot standard bundle with Sml, Med or Lrg LR kit

RM1122            Small Studio standard bundle with Sml, Med or Lrg LR kit

RM1124            Widestudio standard bundle with Sml, Med or Lrg LR kit

RM1123            Studio standard bundle with Sml, Med or Lrg LR kit

RM1125            NEW Deskshoot Lite standard bundle with Sml, Med or Lrg LR kit
RM2121            ChromaFlex standard bundle with Sml, Med or Lrg LR kit
RM2123SB/SG  ChromaFlex EL standard bundle with Sml LR, adapter, controller, PSU.
RM7221            NEW Chromaflex All-in-One studio bundle  

RM7225            NEW Deskshoot Lite All-in-One studio bundle


                        (For more details please see the All in One Bundles page)


Your Reflecmedia reseller will be able to advise you on the product bundle best suited to both your equipment and your workflow.