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Screen dress - where fashion meet motion graphics

Nottingham Trent University's Jonathan Hamilton, senior lecturer in Graphic Design, and contemporary dance colleague Michele Danjoux joined forces for an amazing research project combining Chromatte fabric, contemporary dance plus graphic and fashion design to create a ground-breaking Screen Dress.

Setup/Kit List

• Chromatte fabric
• Litering controller and power supply
Using Chromatte fabric to create the dress, a variety of graphics were keyed onto the fabric to allow changing graphic motions during a dance performance. Using Chromakey, LiteRing and the fabric, the full stunning results of the work are either seen by the audience on a screen or live mixed DJ-style during the performance.

"I first saw Chromatte at an exhibition five years ago and in the back of my mind knew there must be other uses for it. As soon as the chance to work with Michele on Screen Dress came along I was certain it would be an ideal way forward."

Screen dress - where fashion meet motion graphics Image 1Screen dress - where fashion meet motion graphics Image 1

Main Features

The flexibility of the Reflecmedia products allowed dress creators Michele and Jonathan amazing control over the final result including everything from spectacular and dramatic lighting to silhouettes.

The fabric is robust enough to allow for huge creativity but with such amazing properties that it allows for graphic experimentation with impressive results.

Jonathan Hamilton is currently preparing a bid to further research and develop using motion graphics on non-rectangular bodies. He believes the techniques they are developing would have huge potential in film, theatre and advertising.

Photo credits for
ScreenDress tryptic.jpeg
Copyright Jon Hamilton and Michèle Danjoux.Dancer; Nam Eun Song

ScreenDress animated lace 2.jpeg
Copyright Jon Hamilton and Michèle Danjoux.Dancer; Nilufer and Nam Eun Song

"Our first public performance 'Sunna No Onna' was at the international performance festival Intimacy held at Laban - Europe's leading conservatoire for contemporary dance. Everyone was amazed and it was a huge success."

Jonathan Hamilton, Senior Lecturer and Researcher,

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