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Reflecmedia....You're Hired

Wednesday, 17th November 2010

Broadcast on the 17th November 2010, week seven of BBC1's flagship programme 'The Apprentice' is to be a special occasion for Reflecmedia. During filming for the series, production company Talkback Thames approached Reflecmedia to provide equipment and expertise for the weeks task. The aim was to provide the teams with the ability to sell DVD's to the general public.Reflecmedia....Your Hired Image 3 “In conjunction with Reflecmedia reseller Kulu Valley we spent two days filming with the candidates in Kulu's City Studios and in a large west London shopping centre,” commented Reflecmedia Sales Manager Mike Dagnall. “Using the Reflecmedia Deskshoot Lite all-in-one bundle and Kulu Valley's editing expertise the candidates were able to record members of the public and put them into a background of their choice to be able to create a special DVD for sale. The Reflecmedia LiteRing and Chromatte equipment worked extremely well and stood up to a long and hardworking day for all involved.” The task proved to be very successful and ideally suited for what the production company was looking for to test the candidates.Reflecmedia....Your Hired Image 2 As Lord Sugar states at the start of the show they will be tasked to “sell the big screen experience to the general public” and Reflecmedia and Kulu Valley were very happy to help with the challenge.Reflecmedia....Your Hired Image 1

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