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Photovision 2011

Friday, 11th March 2011
Location: Athens, Greece

PHOTOVISION 2011 Imaging exhibition is organised for the ninth time. It is scheduled for March 11-14, 2011, in Athens. The exhibition ground is strategically placed in the spacious area of former Athens Airport (Hellinikon). Pursuing the positive precedents of Photovision '95, '97, '99, Ό1, '03, '05, '07 and '09 the forthcoming event has the ambition to become a major attraction not only for Greek Imaging enthusiasts and professionals but also for neighbouring countries. Many major importers, wholesalers and commercial companies in Greece have already announced their support, mainly in view of the fact that PHOTOVISION fulfills the unanimous demand for a big, biennial photo fair. In this era of changes in the imaging industry and the photographic market, it is important for all interested parties, manufacturers, importers, photographers, hobbyists, students etc. to achieve a high level of information. Only well informed people can take the right decisions. In view of this, local photo fairs play an important role in bringing together producers, traders, professionals and consumers.

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